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Phone: 845-425-4357


For assistance from Interstate Chaverim contact your local Chaverim organization.

Our Mission Statement

Interstate Chaverim utilizes volunteers and resources from existing Chaverim branches to efficiently provide help for stranded motorist in areas not covered by a Chaverim organization.

Interstate Chaverim - The Concept

Chaverim responds to countless phone calls each day. The range of situations that arise is extensive and Chaverim is committed to helping anyone and everyone. Their teams of dedicated and devoted volunteers embody the meaning of Oilam Chesed Yibaneh. Members don’t hesitate before setting off to help you despite being occupied with work and family responsibilities.

We’ve all found ourselves in situations where we felt helpless, alone and in the need of a helping hand, a good “Chaver”. Klal Yisroel is Zoche to have an organization of many Chaverim. They exist as trusty friends in our times of need. A car breathing its last, weather conditions causing travel plans go awry, a locked door in sub-freezing temperature, one phone call is all it takes and help is on the way thanks to the efficiency of Chaveirim.

Roadside assistance is the request most often received by Chaveirim dispatchers due to the many unforeseen circumstances that arise while traveling. However, if one is stuck in a remote area be it a shopping center, hospital, park or destination outside the proximity of a larger Jewish community, assistance will likely be delayed. At the same time, considering the extensive network of members across the spectrum of various geographic locations, it is highly likely that a Chaverim member from a different area is nearby, available and willing to help. If only they would be aware of the situation.

Logic dictates to call the Chaverim organization from the community you hail from. Precious time is lost waiting for a member to make the long drive to assist you, while you may be minutes away from an existing Chaverim member belonging to a different area.

Interstate Chaverim is here to respond to those calls. Its base consists of existing volunteers from various Chaverim organizations. With so many volunteers, someone is bound to be close by, and assistance will be there that much sooner. In this manner, Chaverim organizations from all over the tri-state area are part of this groundbreaking initiative to help you. Local organizations benefit as well since these difficult calls will be handled smoothly.

If an area is already covered or close to a different Chaverim branch, Interstate Chaverim will direct you to them. With this novel idea, efficiency and Chesed intersect. Quite literally, a win-win for all.